We stopped at White Buffalo Campground after driving as much as we wanted to that day and we ended up staying three days.  The name is due to the campground facing the White river at the mouth of the Buffalo river.  The resort is located about 12 miles south of Mountain Home, Arkansas.  It’s a beautiful, tranquil camp with basic amenities.  One of the best parts of it is fishing almost from your campsite.  We practiced our fly casting (Bob is definitely better at this) and enjoyed the wildlife.  Bob caught enough trout for a light dinner which was delicious.

For those interested in work camping, they employ a camp host from April through October.  Not a bad place to park for an extended period.  We had no cell phone, computer or TV which we loved but that may not work for everyone.  Since we were here late in the season the camp host was gone so we were given their spot.  Definitely the best spot!

White Buffalo campground

We weren't the only ones fishing.
We weren’t the only ones fishing.