We are Bob and Victoria, a couple of freshly retired boomers who decided that we wanted to see America and live life from a fresh perspective.  In 2015, we decided that just retiring, sitting at home, doing yard work, home maintenance and putting up with Houston, TX city life was not for us.  Flying around the country on occasion to see the things and people we wanted to see was also out of the question, as both of us are now very adverse to dealing with the hassles of airports after a lifetime of business traveling.

During our working years, we very much enjoyed traveling and camping in our Ford F-150 pickup and 30′ pull-behind Jayco camper and decided when we retired to take it to the next level and live full time on the road.  So, we sold the house and all the cars, sold or donated most of our “stuff” and bought a 40′ bus and a Jeep and haven’t looked back.  We are living life as we want it, with nothing holding us back.

We roam as nomads, staying months in some places and a day or two in others, enjoying all this country has to offer.  Our home may be a “tiny house” but our backyard is as big as they come!

The name of this blog reflects our desire to stay “off the beaten path” as much as possible.  The two-lanes, dirt roads, small towns and jeep trails in the boonies are much more appealing to us than the interstates and concrete jungles of the big cities.  We do like the convenience of the big roads when we want to get to our favorite little roads quickly and we do like to indulge ourselves in the fine food, drink and fun in the city every once in awhile.

In this blog, we will be documenting our travels with words and pictures, trying to highlight what it means to “See America” and pass our thoughts on to you about our favorite places, things and events as they are encountered.