Where Are We Now? Port Aransas, Texas!

We arrived in Port Aransas, Texas on Monday, November 27.  We are staying here at the Gulf Waters RV Resort until mid-January.  Gulf Waters is right on the beach on Mustang Island and is very nice, although a little pricey.  It is an ownership resort, where all of the lots are owned separately.  They are basically like a condo association, where they will rent your lot out when you are not there.  It is very similar to the RV resort we stayed at in Key West Florida and just as nice (except we don’t have our own dock on the water).

Our First Year on the Road

We have completed our first year as adventuresome nomads!!  It’s been an amazing year with many, many ups and a couple of downs.  Within a month of hitting the road Bob was hit with a kidney stone resulting in our first experience with the healthcare system.  We learned a lot and Bob got over it quickly.

We started to visit the national parks on the second day of our journey and have continued to visit throughout the year.  We have been to 40 national parks, monuments, and historic sites.   We have loved every minute and are as excited as children every time we approach a new park.  We’ve hiked canyons and glaciers, forests and deserts, and beaches galore from Florida to California.  It’s been a dream come true and we’ve only just begun.

Living in our tiny space has been interesting and we love it.  We ask ourselves why we ever needed a big house.   We have become minimalist and don’t buy much in the way of home decorating and yard art because we have no place to put it.  The most difficult part of that is not being able to purchase some of the art  we find in our travels.

On the other hand, we invest routinely in our hobbies.  We started gold mining in the desert last winter and found that we enjoyed it so we invested in the equipment and plan to return this winter to find the mother lode…ha  Another hobby is fishing.  We decided to learn fly fishing and sought advice from Bob’s brother Randy.   He met us in Montana and we learned enough to have a great time!  We loved Montana and the RV resort is a favorite.  Stop and see Chan and Pam at Yellowstone’s Edge RV.   We’ll be spending 3 weeks in the fall there.

We’ve been able to see our family throughout the year which has been such a blessing.  We spent the holidays with family in Florida and then New Years with Julia and Heath in New Orleans.  It was a blast!  We have family scattered through the US and even though we couldn’t see everyone we did spend time with quite a few.  We had a mishap with the bus while parked at Bob’s second cousin’s house.  He accidently backed into us causing $9000 in damages and we had to take it to a repair shop in Ft Worth because of their expertise.  We were also homeless for almost three weeks so we had to adapt a bit.  We got through it and you can’t tell anything happened to our bus.

It’s been a blessed year and we look forward to more adventures in the coming year.  We can’t promise to do better with our blog but we’ll try.  We hope your holidays are merry and bright and a Happy New Year 2017 to all.


July in Utah

About the time we got our blog up we decided to leave our place in Trinidad for a few weeks and visit the parks and monuments of Southern Utah.  We hit the road on July 7 and returned on August 1.  We had a couple of reservations when we left but for the most part we found our place for the night while we were on the road.  The west has thousands of acres of BLM land where you can just pull off at a nice spot and spend the night.  We did this the first night as we were passing through Durango on our way to Monument Valley.

BLM camp

During our jaunt we visited 7 national parks,  6 national monuments, practiced our fly fishing skills (though we didn’t catch a fish….grrrr), and absorbed the many nuances of life in Southern Utah.   We learned so much about the history of the area from the ancients to present day and will try to share some of our adventures on the travel and parks page.

The Bear That Came Out of the Woods

A couple days ago, we had a yearling black bear (Ursus americanus) come up to the top of the hill.  We had not anticipated that putting out a bird feeder with seeds and such would cause such a big commotion on the mountain.  Long story short, Poo Poo the bear (so-named because he left us a nice present behind the RV) stole the bird feeder and contents and has been coming back for more.  He is a cute little fella, probably about 125 lbs.  of cinnamon.  He is very fearless and curious, but not at all aggressive.   We are sure he will go away after he figures out there is no food to be had up here.  We will not be feeding the birds (except the hummers) this year.